The Farm at Miller’s Crossing

PLG CSA’s vegetables come from the The Farm at Miller’s Crossing (Miller’s Crossing).

Miller’s Crossing is a beautiful 200-acre farm situated in the Hudson Valley of New York. The Agawamuck Creek divides the farm providing water for the animals and plants that are raised there. The old Albany-Boston Rail bed remains on the northwestern end of the property, providing the name Miller’s Crossing, which was the stop and original address of this 200 year old farm.

Miller’s Crossing grows certified organic vegetables, plants and flowers as well as raising a small beef herd. The farm has 30 acres of vegetables within a 60-acre rotation, as well as 75 acres of pasture for our cows. Their greenhouse provides room to grow the farm’s transplants and bedding plants for sale. Produce is marketed through our CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), three local farmers’ markets, and numerous wholesale accounts. Such diversified markets allow them to grow many different types of vegetables all season long.

Shares include a variety of 8 to 12 different seasonal vegetables each week. As a basic definition, a double share is sized for an average non-vegetarian family of 2-4 and a single, for 1-2 people.

PLG CSA offers a limited number of discounted vegetable (only) shares for low income households. Please see the registration form or contact us for more information.

See the current season’s share info pagefor pricing and registration.

Share Examples

Examples of 2017 actual single share amounts. Non-weight amounts (bunches) are at least 1 pound and comparable to grocery store sizes.

June 27: Single Share
1 head broccoli
1 bunch parsley
2 bunches spring onions
0.5 pound shell peas
1.5 pound zucchini
1 head lettuce
1 pound cucumbers

September 12: Single Share
2 poblano peppers
2 ristra peppers
1 pound red potatoes
1 bunched arugula
2 pounds heirloom tomatoes
1 pound beefstake tomatoes
1 pound onions
4 ears sweet corn
1 acorn squash